Liz Truss has some dressing gowns for Sale

You may not remember Liz Truss.

Conservative. Short. Blonde. Snappy Dresser?

Former Prime Minister?

Agent against Cheese importers?


The opener of Beijing Pork Markets?

Ah, now you remember!

Anyway, she now has some dressing gowns for sale, as she notes on her blog, “Don’t Blame me, it was all their fault.”

“Yes, my many fans out there, although a small hotel chain is suing me for some piffling amount like £12,000, I have three of their finest dressing gowns for sale. The two facts are merely a coincidence and not linked at all.

“They are only £4,000 each. I think that you will agree, an absolute bargain. I would say steal, but the lawyers wouldn’t like that.

“Also, I have matching slippers, towels, small bars of soap, and tiny bottles of shampoo as well.”