meet the team

Meet the Team Rexclub

Gus Watson

Favourite Cap: Possibly, the first cap we ever did for Exeter Chiefs, lots of different design elements – and it was one of the first caps we did. More recently a Royal Blue Mavericks Trucker, as it accompanied me around California. 

Favourite Sport: The sport of the people… When else would you hug a stranger. 

Teams you follow: Manchester United, Edinburgh rugby, Scotland Rugby…list goes on actually.  

Position for Rex Club Athletic: Wherever needed.

Meet the Team Rexclub

Hamish Watson

Favourite Cap: Any type of Snapback or Performance Snapback. 

Favourite Sport: NFL / E sports

Teams you follow: Manchester United / Philadelphia Eagles.  

Position for Rex Club Athletic: Striker or Goalkeeper.

Meet the Team Rexclub

Hector Watson
Head of Production

Favourite Cap: Bear with me or Canis Lupis. 

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Teams you follow: Manchester United, Rangers FC, Edinburgh Rugby, Scotland Rugby & NFL team New England Patriots.  

Position for Rex Club Athletic: I’d like to say midfield but I always end up playing defence, luckily that’s not an issue.

Meet the Team Rexclub

Robin Hislop
Sales Agent

Favourite Cap: Team Bin Juice trucker. 

Favourite Sport: Rugby Union

Teams you follow:Rangers FC.  

Position for Rex Club Athletic: Social Sec.

Meet the Team Rexclub

Adam Elleray
Sales Consultant

Favourite Cap: Rex Club Mavericks. 

Favourite Sport: Rugby/ Golf

Teams you follow:Sale Sharks / Manchester United / Boston Bruins.  

Position for Rex Club Athletic: Captain & Goalkeeper. Occasionally outfield to score a hat-trick.

Meet the Team Rexclub

James Muir

Favourite Cap: Offseason Slouch. 

Favourite Sport: Cycling and Rugby too close to call

Teams you follow:Hearts, Chelsea, Scotland and any my children are playing in.  

Position for Rex Club Athletic: Retired but in my mind would be a Pirlo type midfielder.