The Archers' cricket team, it must be the summer then

With the longer days, more sunshine, and warmer air, the last harbinger of the arrival of summer is here. Talk on Radio 4’s lovely little documentary, “The Archers,” is all about the cricket team.

Their other main storyline, where Linda Snell discusses the cast for the Ambridge Pantomime, is also a reminder for many to send their Christmas cards.

Archer’s producer, Mary Bigglesthwaite, said, “My niece Tracy, who is a barmaid, suggested that we should mention the cricket team and have plenty of talk about the game to remind people at seven o’clock that it is time to get out and perhaps play some cricket on the village green.”

“Of course,” Mary continued, “if people are out when ‘The Archers’ is on, our audience will only decrease. I suppose we had better kill off a much-neglected character to generate interest again, hadn’t we?”