Royal submarine, the HMS Sea Scoundrel, hits a school of orca whales and receives heavy damage

Ta Ta For Now News reveals that the royal submarine, HMS Sea Scoundrel II, has sustained extensive damage after an unexpected collision with a pod of orca whales.

The submarine’s commander, none other than Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, 38, explained that the sub’s radar operator, his uncle Prince Andrew, Duke of York, mistakenly identified the orcas as a group of gigantic seahorses.

As a consequence, Andrew has been relieved of his duties and confined to his submarine quarters. Disciplinary measures include a temporary deprivation of tea and crumpets, and confiscation of his Pizza Express loyalty card.

MEANWHILE: In response to the incident, King Charles III has announced that the replacement submarine, HMS Outcast, will be dispatched to take the place of the damaged Sea Scoundrel, captained by Sarah Ferguson with Meghan Markle as first mate.