Postage stamp released to honor Queen Elizabeth

The True Dat News Agency reports that King Charles III has just announced a new postage stamp to pay tribute to his late mum, Queen Elizabeth.

According to TDNA writer Reggie Rickenracker, the stamp is no ordinary creation. It features a whimsical illustration by the esteemed British artist William P. Shakleton, renowned for his ability to turn mundane objects into postage-worthy masterpieces.

Shakleton’s eclectic collection includes a stamp of the majestic Tower of Big Ben sporting a comically oversized hat, Wembley Stadium doing a victory dance through Hyde Park, Windsor Castle transformed into the world’s largest bouncy castle, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum’s waxy rendition of the royal corgis, The Cavern in Liverpool in a mop-top wig and rocking out with the Beatles, the River Thames doing a synchronized swimming routine, and a mischievous drawing of a football autographed by the legendary Chicharito, who used to play for West Ham, seemingly plotting to escape from the stamp’s confines.

Shakleton is a fond friend of the family and has produced many stamps of the Queen throughout her reign including her love of rollercoasters and the time she performed gymnastics at the Olympics. ■