Man sues psychic who failed to predict how disappointed he would be

A man from Blackpool is taking legal action against a psychic who he claims failed to predict how disappointed he would be with her services.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, visited the psychic for a reading in hopes of gaining insight into his future.

According to the man, the psychic was “dead wrong” in her predictions, which included a winning lottery ticket and a promotion at work.

“I didn’t win the lottery and I actually got demoted,” he said. “The sign outside said ‘100% Satisfaction Guaranteed’. I was so disappointed, she never even warned me or nothing! I feel violated.”

The man has now enlisted the help of a local solicitor, who is known for his unusual cases.

The solicitor, who goes by the name of Michael “Mad” Murphy, has a glass eye and six fingers on one hand, claims that he has a strong case against the psychic.

“She promised my client certain outcomes which failed to materialise,” Murphy said. “At no point did she predict he would feel so let down by her ineptitude, it’s a clear case of false advertising.”

The case is set to go to court next month and is expected to draw a lot of attention.

The psychic denies the man’s claims and says the court case is frivolous as she’s already predicted the outcome will go in her favour.