Lesbian Frankenstein Monster Terrorizes London

Marvel Comics: Shelly Frankenstein was a female genius. As a girl living in London, Shelly always wanted to know and learn. She loved experimenting. Shelly grew up to be a mad scientist.

One day, Shelly was sitting in her library when a thought struck her, “Could she take pieces of a female human body and make a perfect lesbian monster to satisfy her secret desire?” The question rankled in her brain. “But what about giving this lesbian monster the brain of an obedient house maid, so she won’t have the courage to be a woman; she will be the perfect Tomboy.” The answer came to her almost instantly. “Electricity, a great big shock of electric current through her brain, to destroy her female desires”

The following day onwards Shelly started digging up female bodies of house maid’s who died from exhaustion, the perfect slaves Shelly thought. She was amputating either the legs or hands. No one knew of this strange eerie experiment. As days past Shelly had all the parts of a female body including a rotting vagina. She had carefully stitched each piece together. What lay in her laboratory now was a monster of a woman with no life in her.

Shelly thought, “Now for the final step, to pass a great big bout of electricity through this monster.” All preparations were made. A lever was moved, there was two metal bolts on either side of her neck as conductor’s then ZAP….the monsters body shook with the powerful blasts of current.

Everything was silent for a moment, then the monster stirred and slowly stood up. She looked much bigger than when she was lying down, she stood at eight feet and weighed two hundred kilos. Shelly was terrified, but she was sure the monster would be submissive and obedient.

Shelly spared no time, she demanded cunnilinctus and male breeding acts from the female monster.

Shelly’s euphoria of a successful experiment was short lived. The monster was now coming towards her in a terrible rage because of the lesbian sex.

But even worse, Shelly’s theory failed, the electric jolt in the monster’s brain boosted her female desires ten thousand times that of a normal woman.

“I don’t want to be a lesbian, I want a male monster like myself,” said the female creature.

The monster walked past Shelly smashing the door into the streets. Terror reigned in the streets. Anyone who saw the monster ran for their lives. The monster destroyed everything. Shops were razed to the ground and glasses smashed. Somebody had to stop the monster, she started ravishing elderly men and younger males.

In her house Shelly was panicking; her monster would get caught and she would talk about Shelly’s lesbian sex. She decided to confront the monster.

Taking a gun with her Shelly went in search of the monster. She found her in one of the street corners disrobing a teen male. Shelly fired all the bullets in the gun at the monster’s head, shoulders and crotch killing her.

Shelly swore to herself to never ever experiment with nature.