King Charles Said To Harry: “I’m Not A Bank!”

Demanding additional money daily from his sixteen-bathroom, $15 million Montecito home, Prince Charles slammed his foot down on his Aston Martin brakes and told his son, Harry, “I am not a bank!”

Bravo, King Charles! Raise the Union Jack!

Imagine thumbing your nose at an oh-so-easy job that includes breakfast in bed, servants, butlers, dressers, free room and board, expense-paid wardrobe, polo playing, free travel, and then, HOLY HELL, quitting that easy job, bad-mouthing the old boss, his family, former co-workers, but then demanding with daily telephone calls that your old boss, (you know, that snake in the grass) reinstate your salary and then some.

It sort of takes cojones.

Netflix was supposed to have paid the couple $100 million for doing something. So did the couple already blow through that $100 million from Netflix, or did Netflix not pay?

“I am not a bank!” Prince Charles told his mother, Queen Elizabeth II when she inquired why he was no longer taking any of Harry’s telephone calls. Those telephone calls must have added to Harry’s financial dilemma, or did he call collect?

More cojones.

Are bill collectors knocking at the door? Will the couple be having a garage sale soon? Will the bride return that one hundred thousand dollar maternity dress she wore once? How could Harry still afford to hire a private jet and fly to London to view a court procedure?

Daddy quit as the kid’s bank.

Long live King Charles!

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