King Charles III, invites President Biden to visit Buckingham Palace

Tickety Boo News reporter Grover Buck reveals that King Charles III has extended a warm invitation to President Biden for a visit to Buckingham Palace.

During the visit, the distinguished pair intends to discuss the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the more pressing matter of the rising cost of fish and chips.

As a gesture of friendship, President Biden will present King Charles with a grandiose pair of Texan cowboy boots, adorned with sparkling sequins and featuring the Stars and Stripes. King Charles has promised to proudly don the boots throughout President Biden’s visit, symbolizing the spirit of cross-cultural harmony.

King Charles III plans to treat President Biden to an exhilarating royal “trail” hunt (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), showcasing the traditions of the bloodthirsty aristocracy. Furthermore, the King plans to take Biden up the Arsenal to watch a match against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium.

SIDENOTE: King Charles also revealed that he and President Biden will embark on an exclusive tour of the world-famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Within its halls, they will encounter uncanny wax figures resembling themselves. Joe has been warned not to stand still for too long, as the museum staff may mistake him for one of their masterfully crafted creations in need of a touch-up!