It's been discovered that Religion is a lie

Religious News: A scientist named Alberto Winestein proclaimed to the world that religion on earth is a fabrication of the human mind.

“I challenge any religion to call on their prophet’s or God’s to come down from heaven to speak to me in front of national television, to declare their religion as true.” says Winestein.

Religion was created and supported by ancient priest to control the mind’s of their followers to extract from them slavery, sex, a faithful army, food, and material goods.

In the constitution it clearly states that the state will not aide religion or stop it’s worship. Religion has no tax exemption because the state can’t aide religion. Religion has no freedom outside of it’s established building because the constitution defined it’s boundaries. This means that a church must pay taxes and it can’t reach out beyond it’s physical property.

We take it for granted that religions are born, grow and disappear – but we are also oddly blind to that reality because the human mind is unaware of history and truth.

When we recognize a faith, we treat its teachings and traditions as timeless and sacrosanct because it’s followers are violent, influential and organized like a typical gang.

And when a religion disappears, it becomes a myth, and its claim to sacred truth expires. Tales of the Egyptian, Greek and Norse pantheons are now considered legends, not holy writ.

Even today’s dominant religions have continually evolved their lies throughout history. Early Christianity, for example, was truly strange. It included church inquisitions, sexual torture, heretical burnings, self whipping and a rejection of science and facts.

Unfortunately, in our modern times, millions that are born, every year, will fall prey to religious lies and fable.