About Us

Rex Club is more than just a British headwear company. We are a family, 
a team, a club which everyone can be a part of.

Rex Club Sports Headwear aims to provide the best quality hats for grassroots to 
professional teams around the UK and beyond. Get in touch and we'll work 
with you to design and produce the perfect cap or beanie to represent 
your team.

We believe that sports fans deserve the same quality as the players, so 
our caps can be bought by fans in club shops around the country.

Check out the Rex Club Sports section to buy selected team headwear, 
along with our own sports designs.

Rex Club Lab is launching this year with an exciting new range.

With our focus still on quality and originality, Rex Club Lab has 
all you need for your winter and summer headwear. From subtle wool caps, 
to eye catching silk paisley, there's something for everyone.

We want to create hats that you are proud to wear and our passion for 
headwear means that if we wouldn't wear it ourselves it doesn't leave 
our workshop.

Welcome to the club - For the Player. For the Fans.

Rex Club Members Only – Join The Club – With exclusivity come the perks.

The Rex Club team