Journal Rexclub

At Rex Club, be it sport or business, we spend our time with teams. The headlines are, and probably always will be, generated by the players and industry leaders but as sports fans and people with a general interest in business we have been privileged to see behind the scenes.

We have been given a unique insight into what makes things tick and the incredible people and ideas making that happen. We see the grassroots of sport and business.

For the players, for the fans is our mantra and for this reason, we have decided to document and share some of the incredible insights we are fortunate to experience via the Rex Club Journal.

In the Rex Club Journal, we will aim to bring alive sport and business. We’re going to show you the people at the grassroots. The people who keep sports clubs ticking, school and university sports teams turning out and the efforts expended behind the scenes. These are people the players remember when they line up at the start of a match or go up to collect a trophy or medal.

Equally important is the number of players we come across who need to marry their sports career or passion with a future financial income. For this reason, we are also going to profile businesses involving sports players past and present.

We hope these articles will demystify how to do things. This is incredibly important for players and administrators in the sports world who are only too well aware a career may not last a lifetime.

We would also like to welcome you behind the scenes at Rex Club.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do
For the players, for the fans.